Photoshop Layer Mask And Clipping Mask Tutorial

This tutorial illustrates how to replace an existing texture in the image with a new one without affecting the original:

1. Lasso or Magic Wand an area of the image where you want to apply the new texture. It will be the sky in our example:

2. Make a new layer. Change the foreground colour to black (press the letter d) and fill your selection with gradient, make sure that your currently selected gradient is Foreground to Transparent. In case you you don’t want your new texture to get transparent as it moves away just apply black colour with the Paint Bucket Tool. This layer becomes our mask.

3. To mask the existing texture of the sky we’ll use the Layer Mask. Invert selection ctrl-shift-i and create a layer mask at the bottom of the Layers palette:

4. To replace the original sky with the new texture we’ll use the Clipping Mask. Arrange the layers in the Layers palette so that the base layer with the mask is below the layers that you want to mask (new image of the sky):

5. Hold down Alt, position the mouse over the line in the Layers palette dividing the base layer and the first layer above it that you want to include in the clipping mask (the pointer changes to two overlapping circles ), and click:

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