A piece of free form furniture


The task is to design and produce a 3D form based on your own 2d freehand sketch.
The form is to be a piece of furniture that one can sit on (a sofa, chair etc). For 3d modeling only polygonal or NERBS technique to be used.

Part 1 – Conception,Sketching / Designing

You are putting your idea “words, sketches and example images in A4 Layout sheet.

Submission: Monday 26th April at 16:00 -17:00 to Paul Moore
Format: 1x A4

Part 2 –Designing / Digitalizing

Lecture 1: intro to Rhino

1. Digitalize your Sketch though scanning, all plan and elevations and load them to Rhinoceros.
2. After the importing the reference images to Rhino build your 3d Model using NERBS or polygonal Modeling in Rhino.
Submission: Review “on Screen”
Format: digital
Wed. 28th April at 12:00 - 13:00

Part 3 –Designing / Processing

Lecture 2: Rhino

1. Designing, Detailing the 3d Model using NERBS or polygonal Modeling in Rhino.
2. Simple Rendering using Brazil r/s.
Submission: Review “on Screen”
Wed. 05th May at 12:00 - 13:00
Format: digital

Part 4 – Rendering or Fabrication

Lecture 3: Rendering, Brazil r/s

1. Building a physical Model using CNC Milling


Rhinoceros - Modeling and Rendering


WED 21 APRIL - WED 12 MAY 2010


late submissions FRI 14th May
this project FRI 14th May at 14:00 - 15:00 to Paul Moore
Document the Process of the above method in a 5-10 A4 layout sheet


The assessment will be continuous. 30% of
The project is 30% of Semester 2 mark.


Rhino tutorial

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