Project 10

City Survey Book

In conjunction with the research project carried out by Andrew Clancy, Colm Moore and Brian Ward.


The objective is to produce a book being a result of vertical research project within DSA. Students of years 1-3 surveyed terrace houses in Dublin and submitted their drawings in AutoCAD dwg format. Our task is to 'translate' these into a book format. A template both for the book layout and houses drafting standard will be provided.

Groups and tasks:

assignment No. students task comp.programs
editors 2 coordination, laying out InDesign
draftsmen 31 drawings consolidation AutoCAD, Illustrator
surveyors +-10 re-surveying advised houses AutoCAD
actuaries +-10 figures re-check Excel

A sign up sheet will be provided.


introduction TUE 9 MAR 2010 2.00 pm
handout WED 10 MAR 2010
pinup and markup WED 14 APR 2010
deadline WED 21 APR 2010


The submission is electronic. Project (InDesign file and linked Illustrator files) must be filed on the following folder
Shared$(Y:)/Computers/Project 10


The assessment will be continuous. Late submissions won't be accepted.



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